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The School for Compassionate Action: Yoga & Meditation for Communities in Need is a non profit group of highly skilled yoga and meditation teachers, clinical psychologists, social workers and contemplative Buddhist psychotherapists. We provide trainings to those interested in teaching and classes for those who might directly benefit from the awareness practices of yoga and mindfulness meditation.

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We are honored to be partnering with the Tibet House in co-presenting this leading edge program that weaves traditional Buddhist healing and philosophical traditions and yoga into contemporary life, for contemporary needs. We are grateful for their support and backing of these new ideas and ways of bringing compassionate action into our local communities.

Vajra Yoga + Meditation: 200 Hour Teacher Training
May 26-27, June 2/3, 9/10, 16/17, 23/24, 30 + July 1, 7/8, 14/15, 21/22, 28/29

Join Jill Satterfield MBC/RYT-500 founder of Vajra Yoga and its sister not for profit - School for Compassionate Action for this unique 200 hour  certified teacher training co-sponsored by the Tibet House.

Vajra Yoga + Meditation integrates Buddhist meditation and philosophy directly into the practice of yoga. It is contemplative, contemporary and practical. The School for Compassionate Action : Meditation, Yoga + Education for Communities in Need and Those Who Serve Them, takes Vajra Yoga + Meditation's foundation of yoga and meditation one step further into compassionate social action.


Through the direct experience of the body as the home for the mind and heart- physically and energetically - we can arrive at a state of full well- being and self-knowledge. If you have been seeking a practice that is meditative, personal, compassionate and sane, we invite you to join us. Whether you are interested in teaching in a yoga studio, on meditation retreats, a hospital, school, nursing home or just delving more deeply into a meditation and yoga practice, this is for you.

May 26-27, June 2/3, 9/10, 16/17, 23/24, 30 + July 1, 7/8, 14/15, 21/22, 28/29

Weekend hours are 10 AM to 5 PM, with 1 1/2 hour lunch break.
What the 200  hour Training offers:

Meditation: You will finish the training with an established and sustainable meditation practice.  The practices you will learn are drawn from the Buddhist Vipassana and Tibetan traditions.

Yoga: You'll have a deep experiential wealth of knowledge about all of the foundational yoga postures: standing poses, inversions, hip openers, backbends, twists and balance postures. You will develop a personal practice that allows you to self prescribe depending on your needs.

Breath Techniques
: You'll know why you breath where you do and why not where you don't. You'll learn how to increase your capacity for breath and experience the interdependence of breath, mind and heart. Breath will be your key to the sublte energetic or emotional body furthering your insights into your own mind.

Visualization Techniques: Visualizations become actualizations; harnessing the heart and mind to create wellness and deeper inquiry.

Inner and Outer AlignmentL Energetic and subtle alignment as well as physical, structural anatomy -  how the two are inseparable and how interdependent the mind and body are. This includes practice with the Central Channel and subtle Bhandha's.

The Psychology of the Body: Yoga and meditation as therapeutic interventions. How to "see" and how to "prescribe" according to need. How to move beyond projection into thoughtful understanding of someone else.

Compassion Practices:  The development of compassion, and ways to contribute to your community, your self, your business, and family through compassionate, skillful action.

The Verbal and Physical Poetics of Teaching: How to develop kind and direct language skills, the artful gestures of adjustments and creating metaphors to enhance the ability to meet people where they are.

Meditation and Yoga for Communities in Need: Applying these traditions and techniques to work with specific populations. Teaching those with living with chronic pain and illness, PTSD and at - risk youth.

Cost: $3200 before March 31, after March 31 $3300   click here to register
Payment plans upon request



Jill Satterfield is the founder of Vajra Yoga & Meditation, a synthesis of yoga and Buddhism that combines meditation, yoga postures, visualization and contemplation practices. She is also the founder and Director of the School for Compassionate Action: Yoga & Meditation for Communities in Need, a not for profit that trains teachers to offer yoga, meditation and emotional support to at-risk youth, people suffering with chronic pain and illnesses, PTSD, and addictions.

Jill turned to yoga 30 years ago in an effort to heal from a debilitating physical condition coupled with acute chronic pain. In 1992, she extended her exploration of the integral relationship of the mind and body through the study of Buddhism. Through combining the two disciplines - yoga and Buddhism - she healed beyond all medical prognoses. Jill is on the faculty of Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Mindfulness for Yoga Training and the Kripalu Institute’s Integral Leadership Program for young adults. Jill was scholar and teacher in residence at the Kripalu Center in 2004, and was named one of the four leading Buddhist and yoga teachers in the country by the Shambhala Sun Magazine. She has been teaching for the past 20 years.  |


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