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Dakota Nation Unity Ride

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Dakota Unity Riders and Their Sacred Horses 
Afternoon Event 
Menla Mountain Retreat--Phoenicia, NY (Catskills) 
Tuesday, July 30, 2013 At 01:00 PM  
Register in advance by clicking on the link below. $20 a ticket for advanced tickets purchased online, $30 a ticket for on-site or phone sales. Proceeds will help the Unity Riders cover the many expenses of their epic journey from Manitoba to the United Nations and White House. 
Tickets entitle participants to arrive at Menla starting at 12pm, greet the Riders when they arrive at 1pm, and attend the introductory talk and ceremony. All participants will be expected to leave at 5pm, when the Riders depart for their next destination. 

About the Event


Talk & Ceremony with the Dakota Unity Riders
July 30, 2013


The Dakota Nation Unity Riders are coming from their homes in Manitoba, Canada, and reaching out across the United States to bring healing and hope to our country and the world. The horses, which have been to many sacred sites with their riders, are the instruments of this healing journey. The restorative energy of these horses and riders will be felt this summer as their journey brings them into New York and, ultimately, Washington, DC. Truly the Creator will be in the wind and upon the water and land, as these Spiritual Warriors take to the Cause of Unity among all peoples, and deliver their healing message for all living relatives on Planet Earth.

The Dakota Unity Riders will be trekking up through Phoenicia on the morning of July 30.  They will progress slowly and will make their way up to and arrive at 1pm. 
The Unity Riders are making a special stop at Menla due to the sacred energy and ceremonial importance of our land since ancient times, as recognized by many Indigenous Elders over the years. The Riders will proceed to the Main Area where a Horse presentation will take place.  Here they will be given Ceremony and the customary Dakota greetings and celebration.  Grass Dancers and other forms of Native dancing will take place as their presence leads to a Spiritual Clearing.  The Sacred Horses and their Riders will be ever present throughout the day bringing Healing and offerings of prayer and song from the Four Directions.

Being in the presence of these Riders and their Sacred Horses is an experience never before felt in the eastern territories of America. This journey is the fulfillment of a very old prophecy: the Opening of the Western Door.  The sole intention of the Dakota Riders centers around healing....as Gus High Eagle puts it  “..For All Nations and....All Living Beings.”  The Horses have drawn energy from being exclusively ridden over the years to many sacred sites both in the United State and in Canada.  In this last month they have traveled to four different sites in two countries.  Both Riders and Horses bring a deep sense of renewal and hope to those who come to be near them.  This is no small prophecy that has begun its fulfillment – these Riders herald the dawn of a new awakening worldwide – a time when Reverence For Life On Earth will begin to manifest in our ways of living. 

A great alliance and spirit of cooperation will be seen with the coming of these peaceful and giving people as we are transported back in time to a place where Europeans and Indigenous peoples shared this valley in peace.
Come celebrate the beginning with us.
Be sure to be here for this one-time event.


Tickets- $20/person if you order online in advance. $30/person for ticket sales at Menla. Proceeds will help the Unity Riders cover the many expenses of their epic journey from Manitoba to the United Nations and White House.

Program Schedule

Tuesday, July 30
12-1pm       Participants Arrive
1pm            Unity Riders Arrive at Menla
2pm            Introductory Talk
2:30pm       Ceremony
5 p.m.         Departure

* Schedule subject to change at any time.

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