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Mindfulness, Compassion And Bliss Through Yoga And Buddhism

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Tibet House US gallery 
Saturday, January 12, 2013 At 10:00 AM  
Saturday, January 12; 10AM-5PM 

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Dr. Miles Neale, Dr. Emily Wolf & Mary Reilly Nichols 

As the Indic mind science traditions of Buddhism and Hatha Yoga have come into dialogue with modern psychology and brain science, we’ve begun to learn how they facilitate profound healing and transformation.  This retreat will explore the science and practical application of three Indic approaches to mind-body health. Dr. Neale will explore how deep mindfulness and yoga postures promote self-healing and personal transformation. Dr. Wolf will show how mind-clearing works as a crucible for social healing and altruistic engagement. And Mary Reilly Nichols will reveal how the tapping the subtle yogic nervous system through breath-work and chanting helps us learn the highest levels of blissful altruism modeled by living masters. The retreat will weave together talks and discussion with guided practice of a range of yoga practices and meditation techniques. 

It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and please bring a yoga mat if you have one, otherwise one will be provided for you. 

Saturday, January 12; 10AM-5PM    click here to register



Dr. Miles Neale is a Buddhist psychotherapist in private practice and Assistant Director of the Nalanda Insititute for Contemplative Science.  A long time practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, Miles has studied in the lineage of the Dalai Lamas with American scholars Joe Loizzo and Bob Thurman and Tibetan masters Lama Zopa and Gelek Rinpoche. 

Mary Reilly Nichols
has completed five years of residency in meditation ashrams in India and the US.  A devoted student of Muktananda, she has taught yoga and meditation in New York City for over thirty years. Her teaching combines Iyengar, Integral and Anusara styles of Hatha Yoga with the Upanishadic tradition of the wisdom and experience of non-duality. Currently, Mary is a senior member of the Nalanda Insitute for Contemplative Science faculty and teaches stress management in psychiatric settings and is involved in ongoing research on the mind/body benefits of yoga and meditation.

Dr. Emily Wolf is a counseling psychologist at Fordham University, Director of Research of the Nalanda Insititute for Contemplative Science and a certified yoga instructor.  Emily has studied Tibetan Buddhism with Joe Loizzo, Bob Thurman, Lama Zopa and Gelek Rinpoche and Ashtanga yoga with John Campbell and Manju Jois.

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