Repatriation Collection

An important aspect of theTibet House mandate is to collect and hold in trust donated Tibetan art and artifacts for eventual return to a National Museum in a free autonomous Tibet.


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Started in 1992, this growing Repatriation Collection of fine art contains over 600 paintings, sculptures, ritual objects, and cultural artifacts dating from the 13th through the 20th centuries. Generous collectors who love Tibetan art and who are deeply concerned about the ultimate disposition of the cultural heritage of the Tibetan people, are the main source of gifts to the Collection. The Repatriation Collection demonstrates the exceptional beauty and varied iconography of Tibetan art.

Tibet House offers a full 501 (c) (3) tax deduction on the appraised value of each donation.


"Today the sacred precinct of Tibet has been shattered.  That things of great beauty remain in museums and collections around the world is a sign of the quality and importance of Tibetan culture and civilization. These creations represent the Tibetan people and gain them respect in the world’s mind."

Robert A.F. Thurman - Oriental Art, 1998/1999




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