The story of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, the world’s foremost proponent of peace and nonviolence, as depicted in this full-color graphic novel, tells in its second and third parts of his educational training in childhood to ascend to the height of Buddhist learning and the political leadership of Tibet. He attains maturity and bodhisattvic power just in time to cope head-on with the invasion and occupation of Tibet by Communist China. The clash of implacably opposed cultural forces over the years of occupation leads finally, in 1959, to the young Dalai Lama’s escape, with his family and closest followers, into exile in India.

The fourth and fifth, concluding parts relate the life of His Holiness in exile, as spokesperson for the vast community of Tibetan exiles now established in countries around the world. Still longing for return to an autonomous, if not independent homeland, the Dalai Lama and his people deal with unrelenting hardships while continuing to live the Tibetan lifestyle of compassion, devotion, and indefatigable good cheer.


Over the years in exile the Dalai Lama becomes the representative of universal responsibility and compassion for all life forms and an exemplar of the peaceful life defended and maintained, no matter how embattled or relentlessly persecuted. His global significance is recognized in 1989 with the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize.
In a world of seemingly endless war and environmental degradation, he becomes  protector of all species, resolver of all conflicts, conqueror of anxiety and fear, arbiter of global dialogue, leader of the resistance to encroaching death and destruction, and victor over climate collapse and apocalypse—our man of peace.


This work was conceived and its script written by William Meyers, keeping a promise made to the Dalai Lama in 1993. It has been expanded and refined with the editorial guidance and oratorical inspiration of Robert Thurman; backed by the financial and organizational support of Tibet House US; joined in creative collaboration by master of both traditional and modern Tibetan art Rabkar Wangchuk; and completed in book form with the technical assistance and production coordination of digital artist Michael Burbank.


In order to complete the five-part book and to publish a first printing of 10,000 copies, the Tibet House US production team, with sponsorship and distribution by Hay House International, will launch a fund-raising campaign with Kickstarter: in March, 2013. The goal is to publish the completed work by Losar (the Tibetan New Year) of 2014.

Please join the popular uprising of financial support for this project that is so important to the world.




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