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The Work of Tibet House US

Dalai Lama Framed PictureTibet House US aims to promote and preserve Tibetan culture by serving as both a cultural center in New York City and an online global resource for those interested in Tibetan civilization.

Tibet House US works to:

  • Present to the West Tibet's ancient traditions of art and culture by means of creating a permanent Cultural Center, with Gallery, Library, and Archives, and developing traveling exhibitions, print publications and media productions;
  • Preserve and restore Tibet's unique cultural and spiritual heritage, by means of developing a Repatriation Collection for future repatriation of outstanding examples of Tibetan art, creating an archive of rare photographs, opening a research library, creating a website for the wide distribution of information, and providing support to conservation activities both inside and outside of Tibet;
  • Share with the world Tibet's practical systems of spiritual philosophy and mind sciences, and its arts of human development, intercultural dialogues, nonviolence, and peacemaking, by means of innovative programs in cooperation with educational and other cultural institutions.


Our New York City center comprises 7,000 square feet including gallery space,Tibetan Buddhist shrine, photographic archives, a lending library of over 1,000 volumes, and staff offices. In keeping with our mission as a cultural embassy, Tibet House US develops and presents innovative educational and cultural programs for the general public.

The Cultural Center’s activities include exhibits, print publications and media productions. It serves as a central meeting place for the local Tibetan community to hold programs and events.

Our Vision for this Website

Our dream is to provide access to people around the globe -- including the large Tibetan community living in exile -- to a vast, rich treasury of Tibetan art and culture. Bit by bit, we aim to create an extensive "museum online," enabling us to share Tibet House US collections and educational programs with a much wider audience through a variety of features, including online video and audio.

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